Sunday, April 5, 2015

Its been awhile...

Okay lets just get this all out... I havent been on here in awhile because i quit xat for quite a long time and when i came back none of my friends were here anymore... I guess they quit cause i quit? Idk i still never found out. I am still in touch with a few but just incase im not in touch with you anymore and your reading this come on as often as you can because i am starting to go on this blog again and im super excited and im hoping somebody sees this because recently i checked the comments and i saw that music commented on here and marshy and kat and it just makes me so excited that maybe we can bring the old family back. I am also going to start trying to get more people to come (not as easy as it sounds) :/ But if your reading this and you were in the old mustache family comment because i miss everybody so much and im very lonely at the moment. Well i hope somebody is reading this. BRING OLD MUSTACHE FAMILY BACK!!!


  1. Hey its me kate I think my old fantage username was _kate____________ but yeah anyways Im just commenting so i hope your reading this swaggie... I miss everyone so much... This blog was so fun in 2013. Ily! Bye

  2. Hey, it's Marshy. Does anyone come on anymore? I miss the Mustache Family of 2013, you guys were so much fun. If any of you guys still go on Fantage, my user is kirina98. Okay ILYA! Bye!

  3. Haiii it's music<3 You know my skype so just talk to me anytime I miss everyone on here and you're seriously the only person I have as a contact. I also got kik but yeah skype is enough.<333 :))

    1. Also, if anyone on here is reading this, well hi, I miss the people I met here on 2013 I really felt so empty when the mustache family broke but oh well life happens. I really hope we can get everyone back. My user is yoshidragon though so if you see me on fantage give me a shout and yeah!

  4. I honestly miss the good old days of fantage :(